• Carbon Removal

While fire itself is devastating to any property, the after effects caused by intense changes in humidity and acidic residues can be just as damaging, not to mention costly. Building materials, contents and fixtures can suffer discolouration, corrosion and rusting as well as odour contamination, which can be very difficult to remove if the restoration process is not started immediately. With our quick response, experienced team and efficient processes, our fire damage restoration service will ensure you the best chance of a speedy and cost effective recovery.

Our fire damage restoration services include, but are not limited to:

Smoke and carbon removal: Including pressure washing and decontamination of building surfaces, fittings and air ducts, neutralisation of all surfaces, and final layer of soot sealant and paint.

Odour removal: Including elimination of the source, initial decontamination under appropriate temperatures and sealing of the source to ensure permanent removal.

Corrosion control: Minimising damage and preventing costly corrosion to structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems.

Vital record recovery: Salvage and restoration of your irreplaceable records including documents, client files, blueprints, CDs and xrays.

Salvaging and decontamination of contents: Including stock, raw materials, fixtures, hard and soft furnishings, artefacts, fine art and photos.

Storage: Storage of salvaged items in climate controlled storage units until the property is fully restored.

Emergency power supply: Ranging from 15KW to 2MW.

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