• Rapid drying
  • Moud remediation

Exposure time is essential when it comes to minimising damage and costs caused by flooding, burst pipes or other water disasters. Within just 12 hours bacteria starts to multiply, and after 72 hours water starts to saturate and destroy building components, fittings, contents and even concrete. With our quick response, experienced team and efficient processes, our water damage restoration service will ensure you the best chance of a speedy and cost effective recovery.

Our water damage restoration services include, but are not limited to:

Mould remediation: Mould can cause not only bad odours and employee and customer discomfort, but if left untreated can also lead to serious health issues. Our mould remediation service includes setting up containment barriers, initial testing and sampling, removal, decontamination and subsequent monitoring to prevent and/or stop future growth.

Rapid drying and dehumidification: Our drying operations take days or weeks rather than months, ensuring we minimise damage to buildings and contents, avoiding unnecessary replacement and rebuild costs and reducing the life cycle of the total claim. 

Risk management: We take into account and manage risk factors including public health, sewage, bacteria, the environment and other toxic substances to ensure health and safety standards are upheld on all jobs.

Vital record recovery: Salvage and restoration of your irreplaceable records including documents, client files, blueprints, CDs and xrays.

Salvaging and decontamination of contents: Including stock, raw materials, fixtures, hard and soft furnishings, artifacts, fine art and photos.

Storage: Storage of salvaged items in climate controlled storage units until the property is fully restored.

Emergency power supply: Ranging from 15KW to 2MW.

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